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2019 Adoptive Family & Youth Training Seminar
May 17—19th, 2019

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Crowne Plaza SW Atlanta/Peachtree City Hotel and Conference Center located at
201 Aberdeen Parkway
Peachtree City, Georgia 30269



With a focus on the lifelong aspects of adoption, this annual training seminar celebrates, promotes and explores issues related to adoption. This weekend event provides information on some of the most important issues and concerns in adoption today. The primary focus of this training seminar is on supporting and strengthening adoptive families. Through this event, adoptive parents and foster to adopt parents currently with children placed for adoption are provided an excellent opportunity to increase their knowledge base and skills concerning adoption issues, services for adoptive families and the parenting of adopted children. More than 20 workshops will be offered on topics such as understanding developmental assessments, parenting children with complex medical issues, coping with attachment-related issues, guidance and behavioral concerns, identifying emotional triggers, special educational services, supporting children through developmental stages, and much more.

The Ties That Bind Training Seminar is truly a family centered event with all ages welcome. In addition to childcare, age-appropriate workshops and fun-filled activities will be provided for all children. There will also be a Teen Leadership Program that will provide teen participants with exciting opportunities for personal growth. Teens will be learning valuable life skills that will focus on making positive choices, overcoming obstacles, developing critical thinking, reducing violence, and setting goals. These programs enable parents to enjoy the seminar secure in the knowledge that their children are nearby, having a good time themselves.

To get the most out of this training seminar, please consider becoming a sponsor to help another family in their healing journey. Each year, new families join us at the seminar. Many of them are in crisis, feeling hopeless and alone. They leave this training filled with information, hope and support. Although every effort is made to try and keep this training event as affordable as possible, there are still many families who desperately want to join us, but simply cannot afford to come. As you review the seminar materials, please consider making a difference by becoming a sponsor of the Ties That Bind Parent Scholarship fund. Your gift will cover hotel expenses and seminar fees for families who could not afford to attend otherwise. Just go to and click the “Gift certificate” button. No dollar amount is too small and every gift makes a difference. Just click the GIFT CERTIFICATE button below. No donation is too small and every donation makes a difference.



2019 Ties That Bind Brochure


2019 Ties That Bind Brochure



General Information About The Seminar

This training seminar has quickly become a favorite event for many adoptive families in Georgia. It is designed to support adoptive families and most importantly provide them with an opportunity to network with one another. Please review this seminar brochure thoroughly, complete all forms online, and forward the information to Family Matters Consulting, Inc. by Monday, May 6, 2019. You will have the option of downloading registration forms for this seminar online at Registration must be completed and deposits received by the deadline of May 6th. Please use the checklist on the registration information page to ensure that you have completed all of the requested documents.

Please note the “Parent Information & Seminar Policies” that you are encouraged to read. Completed registrations will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis, and space is limited so please register on time. Due to the popularity of this event and limited availability, preference will be given to first-time attendees who are receiving adoption assistance. This year’s Children and Youth program is limited to 250 children, and the activities are available ONLY to the children and teens of adoptive families who are registered. Limited spaces will be available for Adoption professionals who wish to attend this seminar and pay the full seminar rate (visit our website at for rates and Registration form for Professionals.)

Confirmation letters will be emailed out after May 6th to eligible participants whose registrations have been accepted. All registered attendees includ-ing children and teens MUST take part in the scheduled activities of the seminar. In order for us to be able to provide this level of high quality program-ming and training, we are required to obtain proper documentation for all attendees who are registered to participate. Adult attendees MUST be prepared to sign in for all workshops and keynote presentations and parents must be prepared to sign in their children and teens. Only family members that are registered attendees for this seminar will be allowed to participate in the weekend events. Please understand that we have to verify seminar attendance and participation in order to justify the use of these funds for the education and empowerment of our adoptive families. This quality assur-ance measure is in place to encourage families to be actively engaged and take full advantage of this informative seminar and networking opportunity.

It is important that children and youth be supervised at all times. The seminar sponsors will not be responsible for any problems arising from unsupervised children attending the seminar or family night events. The seminar registration fee covers: adult workshops, children and teen programs, family entertainment on Friday night, Family Night Celebration on Saturday evening, and all meals from Saturday morning through Sunday noon.


Continuing Education & Foster Parent Training Credit

Requests to provide foster parent training hours have been made. Please note that only foster to adopt parents that currently have children placed for adoption in their homes will be allowed to participate in this training event. In order to receive credits for foster parent training hours, participants MUST attend ALL seminar sessions. Participants will be asked to sign an attendance roster during each session to receive credit hours. More information about these credits will be provided at the seminar.